What is an Ocuploplastic Surgeon?

An oculoplastic surgeon has training in both Ophthalmology and Plastic Reconstructive Surgery. The specialty of Oculoplastics is an art that combines the meticulous detailed microsurgical techniques of ophthalmology with the aesthetic understanding of plastic surgery.

Common Questions

What can be done to bring back a more youthful appearance to the eye region?

At the Aesthetics division of Eye Physicians of Long Beach there are several ways that we can bring back a youthful appearance around the eyes. A popular and successful approach is blepharoplasty and eyelid lifts. These are surgical procedures that repositions and removes the skin that is sagging. Other non-surgical procedures include dermal fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm, which help reduce wrinkles and fill hollow areas. BOTOX Cosmetic can also be administered to reduce the appearance of frown lines that can make you you upset or tired.

What are ways to reduce facial wrinkles?

A popular and successful treatment of facial wrinkles are the use of dermal fillers. There are several types of dermal fillers available at the Aesthetics division of Eye Physicians of Long Beach. Your doctor will help you choose the right one for your particular needs. Our practice also performs facial peels, which helps to reduce wrinkles and evens skin tone.

What can be done to give a more even skin tone and reduce dark spots?

There are many products on the market that claim to reduce and eliminate dark spots and even skin tone. The use of such products can take a long time to produce results. Facial peels are a great way to bring back a youthful appearance rather quickly. These purpose of a peel is to remove the outer layers of dead and damaged skin and allowing the new healthy skin to form. Facial peels can require some planning and downtime, and multiple sessions may be needed, but the result is a more youthful glow to the facial skin.

Are there non-surgical ways to give hollowing or droopy cheeks a fuller appearance?

There are fillers such as Sculptra available at the Aesthetics division of Eye Physicians of Long Beach which are successful at bringing fullness back to the cheek region, also known as cheek augmentation, and other regions of the face.

Is there a way to reduce the scowl lines between the eyebrows?

If you find yourself constantly looking tired or appear to have a scowl that does not go away, BOTOX Cosmetic may be an effective wrinkle treatment option to bring back a youthful appearance. BOTOX cosmetic is a fast procedure that helps control the muscles that give the appearance of scowls or frowns. Popular areas to use BOTOX Cosmetic are in between the eyebrows and forehead.

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